Multple buildings

Learn more about Stand By Me for Social Housing Providers & house builders

For larger organisations with multiple properties, Stand By Me brings all your installations together, providing a clear overview of your sites and offering functionality to manage your installations individually or in groups. Connected units provide you with the system information, including remote readings on the Remote Metering Cloud.

How does it work?

Once logged in, you'll arrive at your dashboard which offers a quick and easy overview of recently added installations, overdue maintenance deadlines and the metering data to submit. Clicking each site will lead you directly to the remote metering platform where you can find all metering data for a specific installation. The projects tab will allow you to access to a record of all previously registered projects and the users tab will allow you to assign users for specific projects.

* To get meter readings from the heat pump, electricity and heat meters will need to be installed separately in each property.

What are the benefits?

  • A live record of your Daikin Installations
  • Easy administration of all your projects
  • Direct access to the Remote Metering & Monitoring Cloud*


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