Frequently asked questions

Remote Metering Cloud means you don’t actually have to gain physical access to a property in order to read the meters. It provides an easy way to monitor and record the meter readings from a heat pump, remotely via the internet.

The electricity and heat meters in each home are connected via a communication gateway to the Daikin Remote Monitoring Cloud, where all the data is stored securely and can be viewed by logging into the system. So you can view the electricity consumption, energy production and efficiency data required to receive RHI payments – all on one user-friendly system.

The metered data is presented on the Daikin Remote Metering Cloud in a simple and clear way with easy-to-understand graphs. The charts allow you to see electricity usage, energy production and the efficiency of the installed product – all on one dashboard.

More questions about the Remote Metering and Monitoring Cloud? Please visit the RMC - Help webpage.

To enable the remote monitoring from SBM, the related (W)LAN adapter of the installation needs to be registered in the Daikin Cloud via the Daikin Residential Controller app by your end-user. Additionally, the end-user needs to grant the consent to make the content accessible for you as installer (and you need to purchase the relevant e-package) to make remote monitoring available
In case the adapter is deleted by the end-user in the app or the adapter has been onboarded another time (deleted + added again), the link with remote monitoring on SBM is cut thus it will no longer be possible to consult the adapter.
Please contact your local Daikin representative with the adapter details to overcome this situation and reinstate the remote monitoring.